You CAN be a successful, full-time voice talent!

"In Over 8 Hours of Video, I’ve Detailed Every Strategy, Move, and Play That I’ve Made to Build a Thriving 6-Figure Voice Over Business!"

Only about 1% of voice talent make it into 6-figures. It’s not from lack of talent, desire, or drive. It’s simply a lack of knowledge and the lack of a very specific PLAN that I lay out in a virtual roadmap to success!

Dear friend,

I understand where you’re at. I’ve been there.

11 years ago I was downsized in my corporate job. With a family, a mortgage, and a bucket of bills. I needed to make something happen . . . and FAST!

I’m not new to business, marketing, or media. I’m an MBA and a former radio station manager, college professor, and corporate executive. I had all of the pieces I needed to make a run at my dream of recording voice overs but I just wasn’t sure of how to put it all together in a way that would work.

I Finally Found the Secret.

I spent the next year working like crazy. I researched, studied, and practiced everything I can find on the subject of voice overs. Unfortunately, not everything could be found in one place. I learned a little here, a little there, experimented with some different ideas, and adapted my business knowledge and experience to my voice over business.

After 12 months of beginning my voice over journey, I was averaging over $2,000 per week in work (and it hasn’t stopped growing!).

Most voice over talent are using (and are being taught) outdated modes of marketing their business. (Many of these systems are being taught by people who haven’t done much voice over work in the past 20 years! YIKES!)

Effective business and marketing models change based on technology, the economy, etc. And most people pursuing voice over careers are using outdated methods.

There are many wonderful voice over performance coaches out there. I know because I’ve learned from many of them but I have yet to find one that understands how to effectively build a voice over business in today’s economy and business environment. It’s not their fault, they are performers. But when it comes time to make money, and build a business, you need more than a performance coach.

You need a business coach that understands how to make money today. Not 10 years ago.

Remember this key fact:

Being a great voice over performer does not equal being a successful voice over talent!

This may sound strange, but it’s 100% accurate. How many times have YOU listened to someone and said: “I could do that!” Guess what? You’re right. You could.

BUT . . .

You need a SYSTEM.

My Voice Over Playbook is your roadmap to success. I’ve tested and proved every strategy myself in the day-to-day trenches of voice over work.

It is designed to work for you, whether you’re a beginner or a pro!

“I must tell you how much I love the voice over playbook! The information is so valuable, I almost want to keep it to myself! …but I’m resisting the urge & have been telling others about it. ;)  I count it as the best investment I’ve made for my voice over career in years!”
Cassie Boyd – L.A.

You need my Voice Over Playbook if:

  • You want to launch your voice over career using strategies that work
  • You’d rather be recording than constantly looking for your next gig
  • You’re stuck and aren’t sure what move to make next
  • You’re tired of waiting for work (or even auditions) from your agent
  • You want to invest your time in activities that make you money, not waste your time
  • You have the desire, but just need to be pointed in the right direction

If you’re ready to follow a tested business plan to create a 6-figure voice over career then you need my Voice Over Playbook!

Instant Access Price: Only $297

In the Voice Over Playbook, I’ll teach you:

• The Best Place to Find Voice Over Work Today

• Who to Talk To and What to Say (I’ll Teach You the Seemingly Magic Phrase That Will Make Your Prospective Clients Say “YES”)

• How You Can Save Time and Money

• The Clear Path with Step-by-Step Instructions

• How to Build a Global 6-Figure VO Business Without Leaving Your Home

Building Your Brand

  • How to become irresistible to potential clients
  • Attract and Keep clients by creating the right impression
  • How to Create a perception of high demand
  • How to turn everything you do into a marketing message
  • How to thrill clients to keep them coming back

•  How to Turn Craigslist into a Goldmine of Opportunity

  • How to use CL to create a global business
  • How to turn 15 min. a day into thousands of dollars a month
  • Why most people never get the most of using CL to find clients
  • A single search strategy that will save you countless hours and help you get more clients faster

• The Power of a Database

  • A simple strategy to track your clients and prospects
  • Strategies to turn prospects into customers
  • Using your database to become unforgettable to your clients and prospects

• Mandy’s List

  • Using the world’s largest online production company database to find new customers
  • The super simple question I ask that almost always leads to a “yes” from a prospective client
  • The steps I use to qualify the best prospective clients

• Audio Production Houses

  • How to get listed with audio production houses
  • Leveraging commercial production companies to do high volume work
  • Allowing production houses to do the marketing work for you
Here’s what others are saying about the Voice Over Playbook:

“Bill doesn’t hold anything back – this is the exact program he uses to consistently earn a six–figure income as a voice-over artist. Definitely worth the investment!” Dan McComas – Washington, D.C.

Short story: it works! What I’m finding is it takes diligence and commitment. A person must be in it to win it. “Gazelle intensity”, to borrow a term from Dave Ramsey. :)  -Anthony Gettig – Kalamazoo, MI

What I appreciate most about what you are putting out to the world in these videos is structure. While it goes without saying everyone is different and everyone has their own system, your showing us/me yours is a great way of showing a tried and proven procedure. So often people in the performing business are so fixed on developing the “vehicle” they neglect the roads/maps/GPS to get anywhere. Many are unaware of what is out there but have “heard about it.” Often relying on agents to lead the way. While I appreciate an agents efforts, they don’t specifically have my best interests at heart.  The structure is a huge missing piece and I’m glad you’re providing a better sense of not only where the road is, but also how to get on, stay on and have an adventurous trip.

Bruce Lorie – Chicago

Your videos are just what I needed!!..Thanks to your tutorial videos I will be able to do this with ease, as you have figured out the quickest most efficient ways to do marketing. You have been so supportive and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me.  Brenda Grace – Bourbonnais, IL

The Voice Over “Playbook” is literally my playbook for getting, keeping, and growing business. It’s the step-by-step, nitty gritty of how you get from where you are, to where you want to go. Nearly 4 hours of detailed examples of who to call, what to say, and how to get the business. No MBA required! Just a willingness to learn and the ability to follow simple directions. Where will you will be and what will you be doing 12 months from now? Will you still be wishing you had a full time voice over career? Or will you be busy doing a full time voice over career. My Voice Over Playbook can lead you there!

As a bonus, you’ll also receive:


BONUS #1: Video ($79 Value)

Audio editing tips/tricks (You’ll need to learn the best techniques to be able to handle your growing workload. The faster you can edit, the more time you can spend building your business)

BONUS #2: Video ($99 Value)

Writing Great Commercial Copy (Not only will this make you a better voice talent, but it can also create another stream of income)

BONUS #3: Audio/Video ($129 Value)

Cold Calling Program
To help you overcome one of the greatest fears of selling your voice over services, I’ve included my “Power Cold Calling” audio program.This is an actual recording of me calling prospective clients to show you exactly who to ask for and what to say to make it easier to get business than you thought possible.This audio was recorded just a few weeks ago and I actually was hired for a job from one of the calls last week. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is.

BONUS #4: Video ($99 Value)

Live Marketing Presentation at the 2014 Midwest Voice Over Conference (This is the “live” version of Bill’s marketing program with questions and feedback from the audience.

BONUS #5: Audio ($99 Value)

Bill’s Voice Over Marketing Roundtable discussion with a group of voice talent in Boston

BONUS #6: Video ($79 Value)

How to Have a 99.9% Collection Rate Seminar (A must have to make sure you get paid for the work you do!)

BONUS #7: Video ($497 to attend live )

Voice Over Playbook Workshop Event

Our 60 Day “No Questions Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee!
I’m so confident that my Voice Over Playbook will propel your career fast forward that I’m offering a money back guarantee.
If for any reason you feel that these materials don’t equip and empower you to grow your voice over business, simply ask for a refund. It’s that simple.Again, I ask….Where will you be in 12 months?Make sure you will be doing what you love (and getting paid well for it)….recording voice overs!
Order my Voice Over Playbook today.Here’s to your voice over success!

Instant Access Price: Only $297

That’s over $1,000 worth of voice over training material for just $297. That’s OVER 80% off. But, this offer is NOT a long term deal and may be withdrawn at any time . . . so ACT NOW!

To Your Success,
Bill DeWees
P.S. This is NOT a get-rich-quick-overnight scheme. For that go buy a lottery ticket. This is a real business system that will help you to grow your business faster than you ever thought possible.